Pan Fried Chicken Thigh with Sweet Soy Sauce (照燒雞扒)



This is a Japanese dish popular in Hong Kong.  To cook this dish, you use the basic Japanese seasoning, spiced up with a little Japanese pepper powder.  To make it a beautiful dish, just put some salad or veggies on the side.  In the picture I used sliced cabbage with yuzu sesame seasoning.

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How to make Fabric Covered Button

IMG_6400aHello there!!  So here we go — our first craft tutorial blog post! 😀

To start off our tutorial blog section, I am gonna go for something really easy, and something you can actually use (well yes… I am more of a “realistic” person and enjoy more working on something use-able). We are going to make some fabric covered buttons!

Fabric covered button is super useful.  By using it as it is, you can customize your garments.  And with some creativity, it can be used to make a vast variety of accessories.  Earrings, cufflinks, bobby pins etc.  And most importantly, once you’ve got all supplies ready, it is unbelievably easy to make your own fabric covered button – it just takes like 10 seconds to make one!

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