I once did some balcony “farming” at home and grew some veggies from pot, and found it so rewarding to be able to grow things that you can eat.

Recently I rented a rooftop farm and took lessons so I can get more sense of it.  And then I got lucky and got a small piece of land near home for farming.

In the lessons, my tutor told us to take record of our farming activities and weather.  So that we can learn from experience.  My tutor also said we would forget what we have planted if we don’t keep record.  At that time I thought, with this small piece of land, how would I forget? I’m not that old yet..?

But when time goes by, I really do get confused because things come and go, and I even forgot what seeds I have sown and when… So I decided to record my farming here in my blog and also for sharing my experience with you 🙂

Current Profile
Land farm:
1m x 3m (including path around it)
Rooftop farm:
1) One shallow farm 60cm x 90cm x 35cm (deep)
2) Two deep farm 60cm x 90cm x 60cm (deep)

Farming Diary (Land)

Land Farm (2016 Nov 16)