Sauce for Burger Steak

Our favourite Japanese restaurant Hayashi has just closed because the chef needed a break. One of its signature dish is burger steak. Its sauce just tasted super good. We miss it so much, so I tried to replicate the sauce.  Although this is not 100% the same as hayashi’s, I think it’s already quite good. 😋

Here is the recipe for the sauce for 2 burger steaks: Continue reading


Land Farm (23 Nov 2016)

Land less than 1m x 3m

The past week has been cloudy and the worst is, there was a heavy rain yesterday, and all my veggie babies are dead… 😥



Luckily I put the seeds of tomatoes and romaine hearts in a pot with net bag and it seems they can survive through the heavy rain…



The herbs seems to be doing ok so far:

Mint.. it seems to revive under the heavy rain.  So counter-intuitive.^.^”

I am going to do it all over again, and sow new seeds again this weekend.  Hope the weather would be better in the coming weeks…

A rainy day may just be another day for you, but to farmers, raining can really be damaging…

Land Farm (16 Nov 2016)

Land less than 1m x 3m

Seeds of spinach, 皇帝菜 (emperor vegetable? garland chrysanthemum?), tomatoes, romaine hearts were sown on 12 Nov 2016.  There were already bits of greens coming out from the soil yesterday!

Sticking their heads out from the soil
皇帝菜 babies sticking their heads out from the soil
Spinach babies saying hello
Some seeds got the wrong orientation with roots on the ground.. It is so hairy.. looks like mold... :S
Some seeds got the wrong orientation.. the root is so hairy.. looks like mold… :S

Today the little first leaves have come out!

皇帝菜’s first leaves
Spinach first leaves


A few romaine hearts are also showing first leaves but tomatoes are still hiding in the soil.

Also planted some mint, oregano and thyme by propagation from my rooftop farm.  But the mint seems to be not doing very well… not sure why.

Meal Coordination (Apr, 2016)


This is a meal cooked some time ago in April.  My husband posted this meal photo on his facebook and received quite a number of wows.  Looks like his friends are surprised that I can cook!

But this meal is not difficult to cook at all!  Just put the food on pretty dishes and bowls and it will look great.  Here are the dishes with links to where I put up the recipes (links will be updated when I publish the recipes) :

  • Spinach in sesame sauce
  • Tofu with dried bonita and green onion
  • Baked sea bass
  • matcha pudding
  • Japanese rice






















Guide to Choosing Bow Tie Hardware

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Traditionally bow tie is an accessory for men with a classy feel.  But in recent days, it is getting more casual and in fact babies, toddlers, kids and even women can wear bow ties and with style. And talking about the texture of bow ties, besides traditional fabric like silk and cotton, people are also making bow ties using various materials like knitting yarn, leather, or even wood and paper! Continue reading